Important places for a history of women.


Reni Hofmueller


Aug 28, 2007 5:07 PM


important places



Dear Reni,

Here there are a few ideas for places relevant for an alterative history of women. We hope you would find them interesting for you to use them for your virtual appropriations of space. Let us know what do you think:

  1. The University for Political Sciences where the first gender studies department in Romania was founded in 1998.
  2. The starting point for Gay Pride march in Bucharest, which was at its third edition this year and which always takes a lot of courage for its participants in the condition in which the big majority of Romanian society is strongly homophobic (it's a lot to talk about here, but we could do this when we meet).
  3. AnA Centre for Feminist Analysis is the first organization that in the end of nineties publicly declared a feminist position.
  4. A high school in Bucharest where in 2004 a girl called Roxana Iosif publicly declared in her graduation discourse (which is usually some formal appraisal of the school and teachers) the fact that the school system is constructed on unfairness, cheating and lies. Her courageous discourse had a great impact in the media at that time, leading to discussions about the problems of the educational system.
  5. The headquarters of ACCEPT Association the first and most important organization that fights for LGBT rights.
  6. An informal (and illegal :) pub called Punkoteca where the women who organize ladyfest in Romania are having their meetings.
  7. A building that used to be called The Women House and that used to belong between the two world wars to the women movement associations.
  8. A building called Ateneu, where important discourses of the first Romanian feminists from the beginning of XXth century where held.

Kisses from us 3!

Maria, Rodica, Anca

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